You have to start somewhere

The purpose of this blog is to be a place to collect my thoughts and findings on adult education. It stems from my uni studies (Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training) and my need to formalise my reflective practice.

In one of my subjects last semester I had to do 2 case studies on high performing VET programs. In my preparation for this I came across an on-line course run by Wide Bay Institute of TAFE for the Queensland Water Industry. What caught my interest was that the course was delivered totally on-line. I made contact with Tracie Regan who was involved in the design of the program and now works at Wide Bay TAFE. She is doing some really interesting work in e-learning. You can find out more about Tracie’s work at her blog. Tracie’s work got my really excited about what can be done with e-learning.

I also covered a program run by the Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative – Education and Training Unit (VDDI-ETU). The on-line course is for those working in the mental health or alcohol and other drugs areas and develops their skills in dual diagnosis. Bill Tune at VDDI-ETU coordinates this program. Bill met with me and showed me through the course. I am involved in the training of personnel who work in the mental health field and I was very excited by the fact that this kind of training can be delivered on-line.


~ by dassocmed on June 8, 2012.

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