I see social networking as the collective term used to describe people interacting with each other through the internet utilising some form of IT. Also known as Web 2.0, a key feature which differentiates this from the previous iteration of the internet is that it allows users to be involved as active participants in this environment rather than just recipients of content from a website. This participation comes about from individuals being able to create and share content of their own without the need to be able to write code or design a website. This ability for anyone to be able to create content has seen the development of networks of people with either shared interests or social groups to connect and communicate regardless of location or other potential barriers like culture.

In regards to social media usage, one of my roles at work is to manage our social media presence. For this I use FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. We did try to use blogs and forums but discontinued this due to IT security issues. Personally my use of social media sees me use a greater diversity of mediums. I use FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, Pinterest and blogs. I treat my personal social networking use a bit like a laboratory where I can experiment with different types of networks and media that might have some relevance at work.  I started a blog for one of my university subjects as a form of a reflective journal. This will be the blog I use for this subject. In the past I have posted a couple of videos to YouTube university assessments.

By undertaking this subject I am keen to learn about the theories that underpin the use of social media in a learning environment. From this, my aim is to develop a plan to utilise social media to support Communities of Practice (CoP) in both the workplace and learning environments.


~ by dassocmed on July 13, 2012.

5 Responses to “FIRST INF206 POST”

  1. Hiya Dale
    It is wonderful that you get to manage social media for work. Will you tell us where you do it? I’d love to hear what you have found works well.

    • Hi Mica,
      the FaceBook page I look after is This supports our website at We also have a Twitter account but I don’t think we are utilising this as well as we could . We have a couple of videos on YouTube. As far as FB goes I try to post at least a couple of times a week. My audience is from a number of trades within Army so I try and spread the content around to appeal to these groups.

      • RACT! 🙂 I believe my dad served in that Corps. I was going to ask you about policies that I imagine Defence has in place for social media… and then (naturally?) Googled it 😀

        Your other readers from INF2/506 might be curious too – and find interesting the publicly available Review of Social Media and Defence. I’ve just begun and am enjoying reading its executive summary.

        As I do not tend to use Facebook for my own activities, I have my blog feed twitter and twitter feed my Facebook – so my friends who do not use twitter or RSS can still hear what I am up to in other spheres.

        When you say that you don’t think you’re using Twitter as well as you could – what do you suspect is missing? The content seems fine (although I’d recommend always a link to the page to which you point readers); so I wonder whether/how you follow/search the twitter streams for relevant tweets?

      • Wow, what a small world. I would not have thought that I would meet someone who knew about the RACT in my studies.

        You sound like you have social media well under control and have a good understanding of how to use the tools. I impressed that you have your own domain.

        I really don’t use Twitter other than a re-direction service at present. I guess the next step now is to find some relevant streams to tweet. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Sure, and when you develop a strategy I’d be curious what you decide to try (topic searches? who to follow etc) – whether you get ideas from the social media people from other corps/units/services – the whole process would be very interesting.

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