OCLC reading

I have read the OCLC document as per the Introduction for this subject. The following points are those that I found relevant to Assessment 2 with some quick thoughts

  • Not much interest in differentiating between digital natives and digital immigrants (p. viii). Does this mean that we do not need to be as concerned about age differences and the take up in social networking? Further info about this on p.1-1. Do we need a survey tool to assess social media usage prior to implementation?
  • Numerous definitions of social sites on p. 2-1. Differentiation between social networking and social media where I had included the two together.
  • Page 2-10 talks about favourite social sites. Given this report is a few years old, it indicates the rate of change in preference of social networking sites. I find this one of the questions that I keep looking at which is what is going to be the next big thing. I subscribe to a number of twitter streams of people who stay abreast of this to try and get a sense of where things are heading.
  • Interesting to see on p. 2-17 in response to why we use social networking sites that 66% said their friends used it. When looking at choosing sites to use as medium for distribution it would make sense to pick channels where there is greatest uptake and to keep measuring this for change to be able to respond as required. P. 2-20 provides some more info on what we should make the site like to increase uptake.
  • P. 2-31 has info on the types of information shared. I had not thought about this kind of breakdown but I can see that it has relevance.
  • P. 2-37 looked at the reasons people left sites. Once again useful info.

~ by dassocmed on July 13, 2012.

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