Web 2.0

The key feature that would differentiate Web 2.0 from Web 1.0 is that consumers of content are also creators. In Web 1.0 creation of content was normally restricted to those who designed websites or were content managers. Now with any number of social networking tools you can create your own content that can be consumed by others.

O’Rielly makes the point about how those companies who have survived Web 1.0 have ‘embraced the power of the web to harness collective intelligence’. Although I had not thought about it in exactly those terms it makes sense as surely part of the power of networking is being able to draw on the experience of others. I know that I have learnt a lot about problems I have been trying to solve or gained inspiration from reading people’s blogs and drawing on this collective intelligence.

The Explaining Web 2.0 video also talks about web services and Software as a Service as two other defining elements of Web 2.0. This cloud computing has released the power of computing from the desktop. Today I can access my files on any number of devices and create a presentation on my smartphone. In terms of adult learning the combination of these factors means that learning can occur anywhere at any time using a multitude of devices to access this learning.

I like playing around with mind maps so I have included a small mind map of Web 2.0


~ by dassocmed on July 14, 2012.

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