Learning in a Web 2.0 environment

In my current uni subject I have been reading web pages, watching videos and listening to podcasts. I had started to mindmap my thoughts on what I had been learning but when I came back to review this map to write up my blog I was left wondering what I meant in some instances. When I was listening to the podcast I sat down with my diary and wrote down in point form those things I thought were important. This had me pausing the podcast whenever I wanted to write a point down. This left me with better notes when it came time to record my thoughts in my blog. I found that working in this manner disrupted the flow of the podcast which in turn made it harder to work with.

This got me to thinking about what are the best ways to learn when using different media. Web 2.0 has unshackled us from the classroom and provided the freedom to learn whenever and wherever we want. This flexibility does not necessarily guarantee a better learning environment or better learning outcomes for that matter. As my experience indicates to me, this flexibility may have a negative impact on learning unless I understand how to make the most of that learning environment. I think I need to do some reading on meta-cognition and learning in the Web 2.0 environment.



~ by dassocmed on July 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “Learning in a Web 2.0 environment”

  1. Dale, you always have such interesting posts in this learning journal – I love that you think about what you did, what it might have meant, where you might go next.

    I wonder whether there is a difference between ‘real learning outcomes’ and what must be done to achieve institutional recognition of learning? For example: when you were making notes from the podcast–was that because you didn’t feel you understood what was being said unless you could write it down, or because what you heard needed to be jotted down in case it would come in handy as a reference point within a project that another person can assess as supposed evidence of your learning?

    While you are doing your reading on meta-cognition & online learning environments, you might want to occasionally contemplate a distinction between learning and system-educational objectives.

  2. Mica,
    You are quite right about the purpose of the note taking. Given this was for the project proposal I was looking for key points that I could reference. I suppose it was the audio equivalent of highlighting the words on a document. When I was writing the post I was also thinking about how I could use podcasts in a work training environment. I would find a podcast difficult to use if I need to cite specific lines in an assessment. On the other hand I could see a podcast would be a fantastic tool when teaching something like history. For me, listening to someone who had been at event helps bring that event to life.
    Regarding system-educational objectives, I still see these as opportunities for learning if facilitated as such. Sure there may be evidence that needs to be provided for portfolios etc but in that setting there is the space to discuss, debate and for people to learn at a deeper level if they are given permission.

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