Web 2.0 technologies (part 1)

In this module we are looking at Web 2.0 technologies. Under the subject of blogging I read and excellent article on deploying micro blogging in the workplace by Catherine Grenville. Until reading this, I had not given consideration to using a tool like twitter as a means of internal communication within the workplace. Instead of using it as a re-direction tool as we do at present, it could become a tool in its own right. Catherine gives a couple of examples of where it is being used at present. I would like to find out more about how it is used in these organisations and whether it is considered a success or not.

The next topic discussed is Wikis. The module notes on Wikis talks about ‘drawing on the capacity of the network to bring together geographically distributed users as collaborators’. In my post on Web 2.0, I refer to O’Rielly’s comment about ‘harnessing the collective intelligence’. Wikis are a prime example of this.

Podcasting is the next topic on the menu. I really like the concept of podcasts. I think that not only do they offer a flexible way to learn but they can really bring learning to life. Podcasts offer the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of events and pick up on any emotion that may be involved.  From a learning perspective it also caters for those people who prefer the auditory mode of learning.


~ by dassocmed on July 24, 2012.

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