As I was trying to read through the posts on Facebook and Twitter for this subject there was a discussion regarding Pinterest and Google +. I had suggested maybe we add these to our groups. As I was pondering this later I realised that this would be another lot of information I would need to try to stay on top of. This is in addition to the extra info I am now processing with this subject. Thinking about this, Web 2.0 has given us unprecedented access to huge volumes of information be it from friends, people we follow or websites we look at. Increasing the volume of information we peruse does not necessarily lead to higher quality information. There is an infomercial in the Jun 2012 issue of Havard Business Review p. 133, where the Peter Bregman says that leaders need to concentrate on the information that is important rather than trying to take in all the information that they receive. Even though this is an advert I think the sentiment is correct.


~ by dassocmed on July 25, 2012.

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