Web 3.0

I was reading an article in MS&T magazine about what some have described as the next generation of the internet – the 3D internet, which may be functional within the next 5 years. The thrust of this is a move to virtual worlds. This environment will allow 3D modelling and simulation technology. It will allow for blend of all media types and allows users to collaborate and offer content is a shared environment. It is interesting to forward cast to see where this might take social networking and media. Maybe YouTube videos will be watched in a virtual cinema and I will meet on-line with my friends in virtual cafes. I suppose the question to be asked is what do we need to do now to prepare to be at the forefront of this technology when it arrives. What does this mean for how we deliver information to our clients? My immediate thought is that the packaging so to speak that the information is contained in may be as important as the information itself.


~ by dassocmed on July 25, 2012.

2 Responses to “Web 3.0”

  1. It is funny you mentioned about the virtual world cinema Dale… I watched Alvin & the Chipmunks within a virtual cinema in Second Life. In fact I would like to have seen a movie there with one of my friends, which brings to mind the role that Second Life has apparently played in helping active service personnel have time with their families in the virtual environment.

    I very much doubt there is any need for constructing traditional library services within Second Life – that is I see little value in converting books or information into SL formats. Whether or not librarians or information managers are involved in projects within SL, wayfinding issues will be important. One topic of particular, traditionally library/museum, interest would be collecting – environments are built and pulled apart, cultures grow and change there – what record will be kept of that?

    • Your comment about converting books or information into a SL format got me thinking. There would be little value if the conversion was from real book to virtual book. What if I could go into SL and move about in a world that was based on the settings and characters from a novel? This is no different really to the role playing games that are around but I think it would be an interesting way to interact with information.

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