Module 2 con’t

I was having a look at mashups. I thought the twittervision mashup was fantastic. I was able to add the feed for mashable as an app to the side of Rockmelt which I thought was pretty handy. A few of the mashups failed to work which was disappointing. I had a look at the ‘In their  honour‘ mashup which I thought was an excellent resource. I got a sense of just how useful mashups can be looking at this tool. I can appreciate how access to data is an imporant element in the creation of a successful mashup.

Looking through the resources provided on social networking, I watched the video on Social media and the workplace.I think the message in this is a really important one. Staff need to have an understanding of how what they say on social networking can impact upon an organisation. It is important to provide staff with the right training from the outset so they can contribute.

I am playing with Google + at the moment. I started an account a while ago so I could take a look at it and see if it would be suitable for work. It does not appear to have taken off with the people who use our social networking tools so I have not really focused on it. I will need to play with it a bit more before I can get any real thoughts on its application. I like the circles part of it. I can see how this could be used with different groups within an organisation.


~ by dassocmed on July 28, 2012.

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