It seems that I missed a task on writing something on RSS feeds. Note to self –  go back and look into this. Anyways…

RSS is a great tool. I use Google Reader to keep up-to-date with those sites that I follow that are changing constantly. Primarily these are blogs. I follow a number of blogs (which has just increased as I try to follow the OLJs for INF2506) and these blogs are hosted by different sites, ie Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress. Rather than have to have accounts in each of these I can enter the URL of the blog into Reader and see all the posts appear in the one page. As Ms Kriss put in her post on RSS, it helps those time poor, info hungry people like me.

Given it is getting late on a Friday and I can feel my brain struggling to keep up, enough for now. I will make use of the comment facility to add to this post once I have refreshed myself on what it is I am actually meant to be doing in this post.


I had not missed the task, I had not got up to it yet. I had updated this post and then have come back to check and the updates have gone so it is now back to scratch.

I had a look at a few of  the RSS feeds suggested. I really like the one by David Lee King. He had a very interesting post on FaceBook marketing which I will need to have a further look at. Having a look through the INF 206 – 506 FaceBook page on the topic I came across the slideshare presentations on RSS feeds that Maria had posted a link to. It was an informative presentation. It reminded me that I used to have a feed for a search on Ashtanga yoga videos in Google but for some reason it stopped working. It did a bit more looking into this and came across a blog post about using Google alerts. I followed this to set up an alert so I will see how it goes. I also came across a feature called Google bundles. It allows you to share you RSS feeds with others I have created one here out of the feeds I currently have. It will be interesting to see if it works.



~ by dassocmed on August 3, 2012.

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