Digital librarianship & social media: the digital library as conversation facilitator

I was reading through the article by Schrier – Digital librarianship & social media: the digital library as conversation facilitator, D-Lib Magazine, 17(7/8) July/August 2011. Retrieved from

This is a relevant article even though my focus is not library. Schrier lists a few points which I am recognising are appearing as themes through articles I have read of late. They are:

  1. Listen-find out what people are saying about you. Find out where you are appearing in coversations in social media. This allows you to understand what people want from your service, what problems there might be and what areas you may target.
  2. Participate-get involved and create relationships. Being involved allows people to know who you are and allows an opportunity to build trust in the community.
  3. Being transparent-being involved means that people will comment in both positive and negative ways. The key is to deal with negative comments in an open manner and deal with them promptly.
  4. Policy-you need to have some policy to guide staff from the outset. This will provide the framework for how anyone in the organisation will interact in the social media environment.
  5. Planning-creating accounts is not enough. The organisation needs to know how social media will incorporate with other programmes, how it will be managed and have a plan for future growth.

This is a good article. I will need to come back and give this some more time.


~ by dassocmed on August 11, 2012.

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