Social Networking and the Library

This reading grapples with the somewhat contentious topic of privacy and social networking. As the article highlights the very nature of social networking involves the sharing of information. It is obvious that libraries take protecting privacy seriously but as pointed out, this can difficult to balance against the very nature of social networking. The reality is that there will be a constant tension if you try and adhere to the total protection of privacy yet at the same time, try to embrace social networking as a tool. One perspective is that as users of a social networking site we have agreed to the terms of the site therefore we agree with the information that is shared. As such this takes the onus off the library when it comes to the transmission of information that may occur when a social networking site is used.

The point about allowing use of social networking sites on the library network was an important one. If a library wants to stay relevant then I think it has to allow access to these sites as this in itself will be a drawcard to the library service. The library can then leverage off the fact that the person is in location to provide other services which may be of use.


Griffey, J. (2010). Chapter 5: Social Networking and the LibraryLibrary Technology Reports46(8), 34


~ by dassocmed on August 18, 2012.

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